Just felt like I needed to make a note about this week / month in general. Been pretty busy and tired, and haven’t done that much art because of work, overall tiredness, and probably most importantly, WISDOM TEETH PULLING (all four of them)! As I’m writing this, I’m surrounded by painkillers, gauze and other medical nonsense as I recover from the ordeal. There are several ‘blok-projects’ I’d like to do, which is kind of a first for me really (both SFW and NSFW). For people following the askkalta blog, I’d like to get more of those done. I’d also like to do more one-off comics with certain characters in mind, and to complete and finalize some character designs I have *scribbled*. I haven’t worked on Old as Ice AT ALL, and don’t really know when I will get back to it either. I’d still like to completely redo and restart it, with some ideas floating around that could make it potentially much nicer, but for now I’d much rather work on my fundamentals and skill in art.

I mention all these things because I’m still getting used to “accepting work in art from other people,” and very much value the time spent and the experience learned from all that has happened. However, with the start of November, the amount of artwork I’ve done, has dramatically declined, and I wish to fix that.

So here are some of my project ideas, and I may try to get back to streaming. It really does help with my focus after all.

  1. Ask Kalta (Furry, SFW / NSFW? still not sure what my boundaries are to be honest)
  2. Finalize Character Concepts (Mostly furry)
  3. Daily Kalta Outfit (Furry, SFW / NSFW. This is me getting used to daily sketching, with a safety cushion of using one of my own characters and getting used to their unique body-type, while also getting used to clothing options [most admittedly being somewhat lewd].
  4. Simple, frame-by-frame, flat colored, comics. (Helps me get used to comic making again. I’d like to make up some storyboards, and concepts and sooner or later move on up to full-on pages.)
  5. Accepting requests of various nature, once some, most, or all of these points are done.

Hopefully by pointing out the obvious for myself, I will fix these problems and get some work done.


PS.: I’d also love to hear what people think of my art in general, and to hear what they might want to see more / or any of.