I actually finished the basic layout for this character yesterday, right after posting Jhivar. Tells you a lot, huh?

So for this character, I’ve combined Pantheon’s metal spear and shield with Nidalee’s cat form with muscle strength matching Pantheon. Pantheon however, has a much larger shield than the one I gave this character. The reason why I downsized it to a buckler size is because I had invisioned this character as a more charging-like one. Speed of a cat and whatnot. I also decided to make her a more of a gladiator-type character because of the helmet, and overall look of her too. Just seemed more fitting that way.

At the moment, the kind of brush I’ve used for her is one that matches a pencil, somewhat. I plan to leave the background as the pancil-type brush, but for the character I plan on using a thinner inking brush. I wanted to try it out, and see how it goes for my usual coloring direction (if I really had any to begin with, heh).