The basic line work for the background is done, all it needs now is color splashed everywhere.

For the character herself though, I spent more time on giving her extra armor because she felt too naked. Gave her some basic kneecap armor, an arm guard for her shield arm and thinner leather armor for her spear arm. I’m also trying out a much thinner inking brush, just to see how it will work out in the end.

The shield also has a design that matches the character a bit better. the design on the inner ring doesn’t protrude much, however the design in the middle is stamped onto the large round dome part in the center. the four domes surrounding it are similar in that respect.

I haven’t decided what kind of color Id like to make for her helmet. Is it bronze? Copper? Silver? dunno, we’ll see.

At this point the character design is done. I just need to finish the inkwork and ge the coloring done. I’ll be posting the final product on Friday.