Alright well… This is probably my most disappointing piece ever, but hey, there has to be at least one of those, right?

Right from the start I knew there would be some potential issues with this Fusion because of who the characters were, Jhin and Jarvan IV. Both characters are from League of Legends and they are very different from each other. I cannot say they are polar opposites, but rather completely different in detail, background and manner. Jhin for instance, is a theatrical guy, very much into drama, acting, and play s and the like. In combat, he is a gunslinger with a powerful sniper rifle. He doesn’t look all that special however, just a man with a mask, and sort of baggy, slim body suit, with a white cloak. on his shoulder is a strange mechanical contraption to assist his sniping skills. He even has a mechanical arm.

Jarvan IV on the other hand, is a big muscle meathead who charges into combat with an extending spear contraption. He wears armor straight from World of Warcraft, along with a crown shaped helmet. Jarvan IV is actually part of the royalty of Demacia, a kingdom within the world of League of Legends. He is a prince who fights for his kingdom, right on the front lines. His most powerful ability is a crater-making leap to surround his enemies (and allies) with high inescapable walls.

Alright, so how do I mash together a war-hardened prince with World of Warcraft armor, with a plain spindly looking guy with a mask, who acts like he’s on stage performing a play all the time? Well, Jhivar was the best I could come up with.

Jhivar uses an extending rifle spear, with the spear blade at the end of the rifle handle, versatile in ranged and melee combat. Fancies himself a king, however he does not actually control any bit of land. He wears a Golden mask with black crystals adorning his armor.

And that’s about it. I spent about 3-4 days just trying to get how he would basically look. I drew, then redrew, then scrapped and restarted many times. The only thing I can actually say I love about him, is the rifle spear. I couldn’t replicate how it’s supposed to look in the piece however, as the perspective really messed with me. I suppose I could have just change the perspective of the piece, but it was at that point that I just stopped caring.

I do not like this character, how he looks, how he acts. I will most likely never come back to him, even at a later date. There are other Fusion characters to draw, after all.

If I could say what I learned from this, I’d say:

“Don’t think of something so grandiose right from the start. Get your base first and build from there. It’s ok to be simple.

Here’s some pictures on his development.

And some links about Jhin and Jarvan IV


Jarvan IV: