Pandolea is my depiction of what a fusion between Nidalee and Pantheon would look like. Yeah, it’s a bit furry, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

About the character herself.

Pandolea is a warrior of the gladiator arena, and some would call her a hero of it. She was not born into it however. She was captured as a young cub from worlds away, and now lives in the arena as a slave, unable to escape. The roaring crowds and the laughing audience is poison to her ears. Though a ferocious fighter, she does her best not to hurt anyone. She believes that the people she fights are in the same position that she is in.

“We are both slaves, why must we hurt each other”

This particular fusion was actually pretty simple to do honestly. They both use spears, which made the overall theme of the character fair easy to come up with. I guess you could say most of the influence on this character comes from the TV series, Sparticus, Blood and Sand. Little clothing and little armor, but scary weapons when used by a master.


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Nidalee is a spear throwing, cat morphing jungle inhabitant, whereas Pantheon is a Spartan warrior.