I’ve actually made quite a lot of progress on this particular fusion in just one day. I decided to try and not even bother with lining everything after getting the basic sketch lines done. One reason for that is because this particular character doesn’t really need them, or might actually detach a bit from what I want it to look like in the end.

Normally I generally follow a simple routine of:

1. Planning – Figuring out how to get a good image of the fusion character. Sometimes I’ll even redraw (from memory) the two characters as a basic reference, and figure out they key characteristic points from each and try to make something out of it. In this case from Nocturne and Skarner, They both have evil, glowy looking eyes. Both have two weapons of a sort, the general location of their arms. Nocturne uses two giant blades attached to his arms, and Skarner uses his giant crab-like claws.

2. Basic outline – A basic outline is where the fusion character starts to take shape. Sometimes I can just throw it onto the page, but usually I have to do a basic “well, ok how does this character look?” After I figure that out, I try and find a good pose to work on.

3. Sketching – Sketching is almost the same thing as the Basic outline, except I’m making the character more concrete. With an easier to work with brush, I can easily shape the character and give them the defining kep points that make it click.

4. Lining – After the sketching is done, I grab a very clean and smooth brush and use it as an inking tool. This makes the lines clear, and easy to work with for things like coloring. You see, with the Procreate app on the iPad, there’s a neat mechanic where you can “reference” a layer, and drop down colors on another layer as if you are affecting the reference layer. Like, let’s say I draw a fine circle in ‘layer 1’, then made ‘layer 1’ as a “reference” layer. Create ‘layer 2’ then drop a color inside the circle on ‘layer 2’. The end result is a fine colored circle inside the lines that were referenced from ‘layer 1’.


I would use this process for a very easy-to-color strategy. However, the actually lining part takes a long time.

5. Coloring – Does this really need explaining?

I’ve actually made it all the way to the coloring stage of the fusion piece, but there are still bits and pieces I’m unhappy with, and will need to change later. The process of thinking what the fusion character looks like and how they look ont he page was pretty easy to be honest. The tricky part is the coloring now. I’ve picked a rather difficult goal for coloring on this character, and in the end it might not quite look like how I want it too. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Have some teaser pics. Also still working on the name. I was thinking of Noskarue, but I’d rather not have it be too close to the original names.