Although I have a rendition of coloring shown here, I am not calling it “completed” yet. Ideally I’d like to show off his black magic ability, so I might switch to a lighter background instead. But I still want to keep the background close to Skreiger’s characters.

I’ve also started to just come up with my own names (with help from friends occasionally) rather than pull letters from the two fusion characters, as that is actually pretty limiting.

Here was my first practice rendition of what I wanted Skreiger to generally follow. He’s a floating black crystaline fellow, and I wanted his black magic to support his floating capabilities, while also showing that he’s made of black crystals. Not very easy, especially when I’m still new to coloring. I decided to throw in the dark purple, to make it a bit more clear as to what was what.

I think his body coloring is pretty much perfect in my eyes, except for some nit-picky bits here and there. Just need to figure out a good combination of background and showing off Skreiger’s dark magic. Here’s a mock-up coloring shot.

It’s also been difficult to color overall because literally everything about this is dark, and it’s hard to see on the screen as I’m coloring it, haha.