I’ve decided to change the name to “Noskerne” for no real particular reason. I guess I just think that “Noskerne” sounds more fitting than “Skreiger” although I do still like it as a name.

As I said before in the last post, this was particularly difficult to see exactly what I was doing because it was so dark, but I believe I managed to capture the image of the character and give him his dark magic while also showing off how he looks as a character, along with a fitting background.

About the Character:

Noskerne is a black crystaline being who uses black null magic. At times, you cannot see this character clearly because his entire being seems to absorb light. He does not speak, necessarily. He can communicate by enveloping a target in black magic, and exaggerates what people already think. Though many people agree that what the crystaline being sounds like is horrifying, there is no one that can come to a consensus as to what Noskerne actually sounds like. Reports range from high pitch screaming to low key rumbling sounds.

Noskerne’s ability to exaggerate the victim’s mind and thoughts is often the cause for insanity. Let’s say we take the scariest thing you are afraid of. Now let’s make it more horrifying, and more, and more, and more. How that is done differs from person to person, as not everyone is scared of the same exact thing.


Ill be posting the speedpaint video tomorrow, and I’ll be making sure it’ll have some creepy scary music to fit the character. It will also be much easier to edit because the raw video is only 5 min long, whereas Pandolea’s had 15 min.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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