This fusion was a bit tricky and although I have a great character rough draft, I believe I still haven’t really covered all the bases.

Vi is a character where she just wants to break stuff and likes to punch people. She’s also a mechanical genius, so she made giant mechanical gloves to punch and break things. She is chaos and anarchy, yet works as a police officer.

Camille on the other hand is a stealthy, high class kick-stabby lady. She prefers order and hates disorder. Pretty polarizing characters.

I wanted to use both of their weapon types smoothly, kicking and punching, and the only only thing that came to mind was some kind of full-body martial art. Since Vi and Camille both use some kind of mechanical contraption, Vi’s gloves and Camille’s legs, why not just make this character mostly synthetic?

Vacelli is what I’ll name her.

Many parts of her body are completely mechanical. Vacelli is also a mechanical genius and often tinkers with her own body. She has given herself full range of motion, and even more. Able to perform bodily maneuvers that no one else could dare to do, such as spinning her entire torso 360 degrees.

Vacelli’s weapons are her limbs. She has modified her fists and legs to become rocket propelled, and pack a mean punch.

And she’s a breakdancer. No idea how to tie that in, but she is.