Character Talk:

I think I’ve hit that middle point of “Classy, but Rough and Tough” feel for Vacelli. I went through quite a few iterations of characters to reach this point. Her legs and Fists are a clean mechanical contraption, rather than a rugged and beat-up steampunk build that Vi uses for her power gloves, but also not super cybernetic like Camille’s legs. I might even try adding filigree in certain spots.

Vacelli wears a tiny bowler hat with a yellow feather, with a matching yellow colored tie. I’m still a bit undecided how I want her shoulders to look, because after all, she’s swinging around rocket-powered gloves. Have to be careful about burning her clothes off 😀 She wears a formal button down shirt, but cuts off at her mid-drift (might be subject to change). She also wears formal, slightly brown pants, with a very high fiber count. It does not show, but right around her lower torso, and forearms is where her body turns completely mechanical.

Getting the mechanical bits to look cool, but also be functional (or at least seem like it’s functional) has been a real challenge. That’s pretty much the one thing that has taken up so much time for me while designing Vacelli. The boots in particular have been challenging because there are so many parts that move around and bend in certain ways. The gloves aren’t nearly as bad, since most of the fingers all act the same way.

Website Talk:

The website is finally set up in a way that I like now. It’s functional, and get’s to the point.

I still have to set up a Commissions Info page, but that’ll happen when I figure out what a good system is for me. There’s also a few nit-picky bits and pieces around the website that need a bit of tweaking, but they are really minor. Except for the Featured image at the top of the page. I plan to do something about that obnoxious box -.-