The line art has been rather slow. I’m not terribly good with mechanical parts yet, so I’ll draw a bit, think “well this makes no sense” then try to come up with something different. That takes a lot of time. Let me take you through my thought process.

First came the really basic sketching of how I’d like it to look, sort of.

Vacelli uses mechanical gloves like Vi, but way more smaller, and more flushed with the arm. Vi’s gloves are just giant metal mittens really. I’m not entirely sure why, but I wanted something on the outer side of the forearm, like armor or something. This is all very vague thinking, which is probably part of the reason why I’ve had such difficulties up ’til now. Same kind of deal for the legs putting the armor fin plates on the front. When it came time to finalize what the leggings looked like however, I realized that it actually wouldn’t move very well.

Things went a lot smoother after I sketched a more precise look for the leggings. The big round disks are joint points, and I initially wanted a jet-propelled mechanic for the propulsion system, or rocket boots in other words. I decided to change that later on, as fighting with flames that can harm yourself felt rather silly.

So with the legs finalized and looking pretty functional and shiny, it was time to move onto the gloves. Trying to follow the same theme as the Legs did not work as well as originally planned. I had to remove the original placement of the propulsion unit from the back of the hand to the elbow area. This ended up working great, as it made up a whole new mechanic with just that replacement, as show in this picture.

When Vacelli pulls her fist back, the armor fins on her arm will rise, and the propulsion unit starts to show itself. When ready to launch her punch, the unit and the fins will rapidly close, adding momentum to her punch. With how much stuff is already on the arm, it almost felt like I was shoe-horning the unit in there, but I think it worked out.

So now I just need to finish sketching / lining Vacelli out, then figure out just how I am going to color her. Ideally I’d like to give her complete smooth coloring and get rid of the lines.I feel like avoiding flat coloring would be best, because I believe I don’t learn very much from doing that.