With this fusion, I’ll be back on drawing track. I will upload a speedpaint on in the future.

There isn’t much to say about the drawing process that is that different from previous ones. His design was a little simpler, but only because the two characters sued to fuse were from the One Punch Man world. Although, balancing between a small mole-man and a giant lion-hulk-man was a bit odd. I decided to use Ground Dragon as the base, and then gave him more muscle, and clothing, along with a shaggy kind of mane / beard / hair.

Coloring-wise, I did try and use a bit more than just flat colors this time. his fur and mane have a bit more color variance going on. Ideally I’d like to not have to keep the line art and just have a nice smooth color finish, but That might not be for a little while.

About the Character:

Ground King is another of one the House of Evolution’s human experimentation mutants. What a mouthful. Ground King is as his name sounds, a ruler of the earth. Able to carve out massive caverns and long tunnel ways in a quick manner. A mostly solitary creature who prefers to be alone. He will become very irritable when spending large amounts of time with someone else, making him very difficult to deal with. Combat wise, there isn’t much to say really. Ground King has a loads of strength and very sharp claws to shred rocks and dirt as if he was moving through water.

Original Fusion Characters:

Beast King:

Ground Dragon: