I’m pretty happy with how the initial sketch turned out. As I’m refining the lines and making it more clear as to what Luvex is wearing however, it became a lot more difficult to draw. Just from the featured sketch, you can most likely tell that she had some unique looking armor. She has unique looking 1 side shoulders, with an arm guard, some robes, some leather pieces, leg guards, and a staff. Alright, but what does that actually look like? I’m not too sure and I’m currently trying to make up some armor pieces that “fit” her character.

At this time it is unclear to me what Luvex’s character is exactly. Currently, I think of her as a mage of sorts, but not sure how I will expand on that yet.

Luvex has a 3-part staff. the first part is the handle, and at the end of the handle is a gem. the second part is an extension of the handle, with another gem embedded into it. The third part is more of a bulb shape, with smaller, and more abundant gems embedded in it. The fact that this staff comes in 3 parts is not the only unique trait to it. Another is the fact that Luvex can control it and keep it in the air. When the staff is only 1 part, Luvex will hold onto the handle. When she adds the other parts to the handle, she freely controls it around her with levitation. The parts that aren’t attached simple float near her.

Part of the inspiration to make the staff do this was the fact that Riven’s sword has some of the same kind of magic. Her sword is a giant broken blade, and when she uses her ultimate ability, the pieces come back together, but they are only held together by magic. Lux’s staff does some fun floating stuff as well. When she uses he abilities, her staff will become airborne and spin rapidly, most noticeable when ulting.

What Luvex’s armor and staff will look might change a lot I believe. Currently, I am trying to find a good shoulder piece that fits Luvex well, and is functional. Finding a good design for her arm guard won’t be as difficult I think, as that will just have to match the general look of the shoulder. Leg guards too.

Finally I decided to take some parts of Lux’s ceremonial cloth and Riven’s cloth and tried to make up a kind of ceremonial robe for Luvex. Maybe it has magic enhancing powers, who knows.

This drawing makes me feel like I use gems as the “magic filling paste” a bit too much though. What I mean by that is that gems, to me, feel like it’s too easy to use as a “this is the object that gives the character magical powers” kind of deal.

I plan to have a full body shot, and maybe a portrait shot for this character. I’d like to do a splash page kind of thing, but I don’t actually have a lot of practice with even basic things yet, So I’m going to keep it simple for a bit. Maybe I’ll do another drawing of her in a nice pose or something.

Some other sketches:

Original Fusion Characters:

Lux (left), Riven (right)