A rather lengthy 5 am post!

I didn’t get around to doing the drawing stuff until really late because of a Laser Quest trip I went to. I actually only went for the Dance Dance Revolution game, but apparently they didn’t have that anymore 🙁 so I played Pokemon Sun instead.

I’ve finalized the design on Luvex’s armor. Lots of silver twirly bits, and teal looking armor. I decided on teal because Lux wears a blue jumpsuit under her armor, and Riven had a kind of dark mellow green look, along with a giant green magic sword. I also gave Luvex a mixture of Riven’s kinda clothy clothes and Lux’s ceremonial armor cloth into a ceremonial robe that she wears under the armor. The armor also holds gems in various places, like her arm guard. I gave her a one-sided shoulder armor along with a one-sided leather armor to match Riven’s look a bit.

I’m still working on the staff, which turns out the be the trickiest bit. It might even go through a few iterations before I’m really happy with it.

As far as abilities are concerned, I was thinking that Luvex could use a combination of telekinetic magic, and physical powers.

Warning, somewhat boring technical stuff blow.

In League of Legends, there are multiple ways of attacking a target, or many targets.

  1. Auto Attacking
  2. Abilities tied to the keys: Q, W, E, R
  3. Passives (kinda)

Auto attacking is just as it sounds. you stand there and automatically hit things. Every champion in League of Legends can auto attack, though some do more damage with it than others, and some can do it at range but some need to be within melee distance.

Every champion has 4 different abilities tied to “Q, W, E and R,” with the “R” ability being called an Ultimate. Every single champion in the game has a unique set of abilities, and passives, or otherwise called a “kit”. Luvex’s kit in this case, will have part telekinetic and part physical abilities I think. Since she uses a staff and is a telekinetic mage, I’d like to think that her auto attack will be a ranged one, where she uses her staff to hit things. In the previous post, I talked about how her staff comes in three parts, and in this case she is using only her first staff part to hit things with. When she adds the second part however, she starts to do splash damage(or damage in an area [or area of affect {or AoE damage}]) with small magical explosions. The same happens with her 3 staff attachment, however the explosion radius becomes massive, but she cannot use

Stream Update

I’m trying to decide on streaming times over at twitch.tv/blokfort. I’m thinking I’ll be streaming my artwork from somewhere around 12-2:00pm to 8-10:00pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, with Sunday and Mondays off. Maybe, we’ll see.

Other Thoughts

I feel like this topic of fusion characters is pretty great. It might sound silly, but I’ve actually been a bit against just doing regular fanart, like picking a character from a franchize and drawing it. I feel like there’s no challenge to that, or something. Or rather, the only challenge is trying to make the drawing just as good as other people’s fanart, just so that I can get people to notice me.

I wanted to make original characters that people could be impressed by, but thats hard to do when all I could do is simple line art. Well, that’s when I came up with the idea of Fusion characters. take a bit from two well known characters, and turn into something original. There are times where a fusion doesn’t work so well though. I think I might actually make some restrictions as well, such as both characters must be the same gender otherwise I get a bit stuck on the topic of “male or female” part. I may come back and remove the restrictions in a later time, but for now I just want to get the art done.