EDIT: I’ve just noticed that the pummel on the left rendition of the staff/club is actually wrong. Shouldn’t be able to see the gem from that angle.

I’ve finished the staff, and I also attempted a genuine stream host! I want to say it wasn’t that different from what I usually do, but there was a lot more talking involved. Sometimes I felt like I was saying nonsense, because I felt like I had to reply and hadn’t really finished my thought process yet. Although I did occasionally talk to myself when I didn’t stream, it was usually only a few words, and I had a vague thought about whatever it was I was thinking about, in my head already. Trying to make those vague thoughts into solid words was a bit interesting, to say the least. I also felt a bit tired, and probably didn’t sound all that great on stream, because I didn’t actually get a good sleep. Have you ever gone through a night, in bed, but awake the whole time? That was what I had.

Onto the Character:

It’s not much of a staff anymore as much as it is a giant silver club, but whatever. I’m still calling it a staff.

Luvex’s staff and I mentioned before, comes in three parts. They are magically joined together, and amplified with the gems on the back. On each segment, there’s a side meant for bashing and hitting with, with a gem on the backside of it. Each segment of the staff has that common theme in it. As each Segment gets added to the staff, the top of the staff gets larger, for an implied larger and stronger hit. Within each segment, each gem is also different. From the first segment has the smallest gems, with the fewest cuts with three clearly visible sides. The second segment has four sides, like pyramid. And finally the third segment, not only has extra gems on the sides, but the largest one has five cut sides. there isn’t any real background to this, I just felt like it was appropriate somehow.

Coloring-wise, I decided it only made sense to make the entire thing in silver color, as adding any darker green parts to it made it look like armor. When its only purpose is to break things, having armor bits attached to it didn’t seem like it made a whole lot of sense to me.

Now that the general design is complete, I’ll be trying out certain poses and facial expressions that fit for a simple full-body shot as a nice and quick reference sheet, I suppose. I’d also like to do a portrait shot of her face along with a simple gradient background, much like League of Legends does with their champions.