My sleep schedule is all out of order again! I’ll be trying to fix it ASAP, to a time where I can start streaming at 1:00 PM CST.

I would have started on the pose and sketching of said pose for Luvex earlier, but I decided I needed to see what the front side of the scepter / staff/ club/ thing looked like. The reason for this, is because I wanted to show off Luvex telekinetic ability for her weapon but in a fun way. I figured it made more sense for the front to be seen, so I had to spend some time on that instead. I was able to quickly get a nice pose that seemed to fir Luvex’s character. Almost like riding a broomstick like a witch but the broomstick is a giant metal floating club with a handle so you know she means business, and she’s wearing armor so you know she’s a fighter of some kind as well. I plan to give her a kind of calm smile, because Lux is all cheer, happiness and innocence, whereas Riven’s expression is determination, anger (a bit), and loneliness.

As far as character design is concerned now, I actually am thinking about removing her shin guards, or at least changing how they look. Neither Riven nor Lux really have that kind of armor.

I plan on finishing up the pose within a day, and will quickly get a portrait shot of Luvex right after.

Some WIP shots.

I wonder if I should draw a previous fusion as a kind of content builder type thing, because as it is now, I seem to take a very long time designing things, but actually drawing the character out takes no time at all.