And there we have it, Luvex is complete. Wish I knew shading a bit better, but overall I’m pretty happy with the result. I also fixed her mouth a bit.

I’ll be working on a video and sharing it later.


About the Character:

Luvex is a mage who uses a giant scepter as a weapon. The scepter’s name is unknown, but it is known as a very old weapon.  How Luvex uses it however, is not the usual show of strength and swing of an arm. She instead uses a telekinetic ability, honed through amplified power of the gems in her armor and in the scepter. The scepter also comes in 3 parts. There’s the segment with the handle, a segment int he middle, and a larger segment for the end. As segments get added to the scepter, the destructive power of the scepter grows. As said before, Luvex uses telekinetic powers to move the scepter, as lifting it without them would be a monumental task.When all the segments are fully connected, the total weight of the scepter reaches up to 6 tonnes (13,228 pounds [an average weight of a car is 4000 pounds]).

Here’s a video of the whole progress! (I might go back some day and add in more scratchy details on the scepter.)

And a shot of her face. (Yes, I know it’s just a zoomed in picture of the final product, I’ll be working on a better one later.)