I cut streaming early today, instead of going from 1pm to 10pm, because I’m still recovering from my wacky sleep schedule.

I’ve already gotten a fairly decent body design done that I’m reasonably happy with! I will be honest though, it feels very strange to draw a character of this kind of… design. Using the original splash art and 3d models, you can really tell what the design was trying to be for both original fusion characters. In Miss Fortune’s case, the way she’s designed is hyper sexual. She wears a large hat, a bra, and skin tight pants that tie on the sides. How did they even talk about the design process of this character. Whereas Ahri is somewhat more tame, but the amount of leg and cleavage shown is still rather ridiculous. I might have to go back and change some bits of this characters outfit to be more revealing, to match and balance from the original fusion charatcers. It feels weird to do this though, I’m deffinitely not used to designing sexualized female characters.

I’m also going to redraw the gun. I’m going to study up on different blunderbuss designs and figure out how to do the fine metal work and engravings you typically see in a gun.

Ideally I’d like to give this character a sort of spirit shotgun. This would match Ahri’s spirit fox orb thing, and Miss Fortune’s “Shock and Awe” pirate flintlock pistols. I’d like to figure out how to pull off a nice kind of “spirit fire” look for the metal work, but also give it a kind of miko preistess look.

Ideally, this character will look like a sort of animal-human hybrid with a large tail and large ears, with a sort of miko priestess turned pirate look and feel. I have a good start, but many things still have to get changed for me to be completley happy with it. As it is now, it still doesn’t feel quite right to me.

Also, coming up with a name for this character might be tricky. “Miss Fortune” complicates things with the “Miss” part.

Some start-up sketches