Yup. Only did designing for 1 day before going straight into finalizing a character. Normally I’m still trying to figure out a super basic design for a character at this point, let alone getting the line art done.

Once again though, I decided to cut the stream early, because there were a lot of annoying things that kept popping up and interrupting me. The first event was my iPad losing internet connection, thus being unable to stream the screen onto my computer. I still don’t even know what the exact problem was, so I’m expecting to run into that one in the future. The next was the fact that I forgot to switch screens in OBS for about an hour and a half. And finally, my stylus ran out of battery takes about an hour to completely recharge, so I decided it wasn’t really worth the wait.

About Mistress Ahrune though.

Personality wise, I had to really delve into territory I’m not really used to going in. Ahri is a character who seduces people, in an elegant yet sexy way. Miss Fortune flaunts her body everywhere she goes, and wears very revealing clothing. I decided on a kind of subtle, but very commanding kind of dominatrix personality for Mistress Ahrune. She does like being called “Mistress” after all.

Very strange and weird, I know. But, that’s how these fusions go sometimes.

I decided to create an order of spirit hunters, dedicating their lives to the eradication of ‘supernatural spirit beings’ or something like that. although they are called hunters, they are really preists, exorcising and eliminating their ghostly enemies. I’d like to think that their number 1 enemy would be the entire area of the Shadow Isles. Just about everything that was born there is something these priests hate.

Mistress Ahrune was one of these priests. She was cast out long ago for being too “outside of the order”, and having no discrimination or discipline. Mistress Ahrune just loved the thrill of the hunt, and having complete command over a situation. Her weapon is a priestess-rifle, that does not shoot normal ammunition. If you were an average person to pick up this rifle, you would see right away that there is no way this could function as a gun at all, as it had no hammer, nor a location to load bullets, except maybe putting them down the barrel of the rifle. You would need some awfully large ammunition for that to work as well though. Instead, this gun fires spirits bullets. What else are you going to use to kill ghosts with? With proper training, the owner of the rifle uses their own spiritual energy to condense and launch spirit bullets at a target.

I’m also trying out a new way to do lining. At the moment lining takes a very long time, and I’d like to change that. What I’m doing is doing 1 line with the usual pencil brush, and then duplicating the layer 4-5 times. After I duplicate the layer, I compress them all together, and that gives me a dark line. Though, it doesn’t always come out clean. I’m still wrestling around with trying to get “that one perfect” lining brush.