From design, to final in only 3 days. How nice. Although, when I look at the character, I feel like it’s not actually that good. I’m happy with the outcome of the artwork, but the design for the character herself isn’t all that great. Granted, my reference material is a fox girl with a dress and a pirate girl with no clothes, but still. Maybe something could have been different for the gun, or maybe I should have added a few more “little things”. What those things are, I don’t know, and at this point I’m just going to move on.

Maybe I could have changed the color of her hair, and her tail in some way, or chang ethe shape of it. I do like the long ears and fancy hat though. Maybe she could have a thinner waist? Maybe I needed a different gun design. Maybe I needed to add more to her boots. Who knows. On to the next one.

About the Character:

Mistress Ahrune, is a woman who demands to be called by her title. She wants control, and loves to hunt down the supernatural because of the control they have. Ghosts and ghouls are a regular enemy for Mistress Ahrune, and she loves to flaunt her power over them.

The order / organization she belongs to would very much rather she didn’t do that. “A switch death to the dearly departed” is a code they live by, and Mistress Ahrune does not follow it. The order combats the undead, ghosts, and any other monstrosities or unnatural beings for a more peaceful existence for all living things. They use something like spirit energy, or energy hidden deep within ones self. How they apply this energy varies from person to person. In Mistress Ahrune’s case, she uses a spirit rifle, which uses spirit bullets. The gun itself has no real mechanisms inside of it, really just making it a gun-shaped club with a long metal tube. No ordinary person could use this as a gun, but Mistress Ahrune is quite the master with it. Swift and precise are her movements and shots, taking out her targets with ease and a hint of grace. That is, if it weren’t for her controlling, dominatrix personality.

Here’s a speedpaint video!

Original Character References:


Miss Fortune