Still deciding a name. Actually, still deciding everything.

This first iteration is pretty cool, however I don’t feel like I mixed anything together. It’s not so much a fusion as it is a sandwich. The idea is cool at least.

The idea behind this iteration is there is a man in the middle of the ice face and the scary wooden face on the back. The idea is that this man is actually infected with a sentient-plant-like virus, that slowly takes over the hosts body, What this man did to combat this, is imbue himself with True Ice. True Ice is a League of Legends object, it stays cold no matter what. The man uses the True Ice to stop the encroaching plant infection, as it cannot be removed by any other safe way. However, the True Ice was also corrupted, gaining sentience from the plant infection. However however, neither side can completely take over the host. True Ice does not have that power, and the plant-virus progress is forever halted by the True Ice. The man in between this ice and plant sandwich turns out to be fine, mentally at least. His body has been ravaged by the True Ice and the Plant on many parts of his body, and thus has a very difficult time moving. But, he also gains some powers from them too, so there’s that. What they are, I don’t know, and I don’t actually care all that much because I don’t think I’ll be keeping this design.

I just wanted to explain what I was thinking of for this particular sketch design. I think next time I’ll try harder at making a beefy looking ice tree man or something. The only reason why I avoided doing that was because I didn’t just want to make Braum a tree man. Fusions need to be a completely new character with characteristics from both origins, not just one character looking like another. This fusion is actually a little difficult.


Original Fusion Character References:


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Oh, and here’s a few things I did on stream.