When I say “Bootcamp” I mean I’m just going to focus on learning certain things rather than making actual content. Things like shading, coloring, scenery, etc. I really want to learn how to color, and It seems like Fusions just aren’t cutting it. I spend too much time designing rather than actually drawing. But, I can at least use the characters already made as useful guinea pigs, hehe.

I will attempt to post what I do everyday, but there’s no promises. After all, most of it might just look like random scratches on a board, or something. Because of this, I will also not be streaming. None of it will be stream-worthy, as only I really benefit from doing this. (Not like I have a viewer base anyway.) So, starting tomorrow (Thursday, 26, January 2017) until next month (Tuesday, 28, February), I will listen to nothing but Eye of the Tiger, Live to Win, and Guile’s Theme.








Maybe not.