I just don’t know what I want. If I had that compass from the Pirates of the Carribean, it would be spinning like crazy.

I see all these different artists and I’m just like “Yeah, I want that.” but none of it really translates to me, if that makes any kind of sense.

I guess it’s really a question of “What do I want my style to look like” which is an impossible thing to answer.

At the moment, I really only know of two ways of coloring. The much simpler “coloring book” style, where you keep the line art and color inside of it, and the paintlery style, only using really sketchy lines as a kind of guide. I guess I might stick to the simpler one for a bit, which lets me use the new brush, and allows me to work on the ink brush as well. It also lets me use the paintbucket easier, as the ink brush has a very smooth line.

Nothing to really show here for today, as most of it was just random scraps of.. random.. stuff..

I did find a neat way to make backgrounds though. So there’s that.