I’ll actually work at using a featured image to differenciate between bootcamp days on the site. Heh.

I found a piece of artwork that I really like and would like to do artwork like it. Not a total fan of anime eyes, but the work I’m referring to is from “WickedAlucard” you can check out their work HERE. While still using fair basic coloring, some of the pieces still have lot of shading and lights that make it feel colorful.

Today I tried coloring in my of the demon character I drew up earlier in the week. I tried lining around the two layers of shading with a very very thin black line, just to see how it would look, and tried using more of my paint-like brushes to color in the flat spots.

I also attempted a quick personal sketch, just to see if I can. Some parts were quicker than others, but I came out alright.