This is more of a two-day-parter, but TWODAY (heh), I spent some time redrawing the lines on Luvex, while also watching RinTheYordle stream on While the lines look fantastic, making Luvex look that much better, I’m not sure if it’s the right direction to go towards. As I watch Rin work, she still uses the basic line-sketch work and just adds the flat colors behind it, then goes back and paints in the colors in earnest. Basically, her process goes like this, as far as I know…

1. super rough sketch of pose / character.

2. refine sketch, have some basic shading elements, like crosshatching.

3. add flat colors, add basic shading.

4. background.

5. start the painterly coloring process and go over the line art, using the background as a reference point for color, or something like that.

Her way of shading is interesting too, rather than shading the spots you would expect to have shadows, she instead covers the whole thing is a shade layer, and erases the parts where she wants it highlighted. Kind of like working backwards, in a way.

Now, for my artwork. My process is like this:

1. super rough sketch of pose / character.

2. refine sketch, make the lines clearer.

3. Once the lines are clear enough, go back over with a clean brush and reline it.

4. using the lines as a reference point, drop the flat colors in the areas that need color, just like coloring in a coloring book.

5. add an opacity layer and draw in the shading with black.

Right around #5 is where things get confusing, and #3 just takes waaaaaay too long. I’m hoping to completely scrap #3, #4, and #5 for a more efficient way for coloring.

Here’s Luvex 2.0 (Left) and the original one (right)

I didn’t get any farther than the lines and flat colors because I realized that I would just be doing the same process as before and there wasn’t much point in doing that. Instead I tried a new drawing of Luvex and tried puting in really basic black lines, then adding color behind it. Id like to somehow get rid of the black lines altogether in the future.

By the way, that new Zelda game looks absolutely ridiculously good.