Well, I think I have a pretty good start onto coloring now. As I’m working with the coloring, it all “feels just right,” thought it does take a long time.

I can now make a sketch, give it refined lines and flat colors, and go into painterly coloring. This is all a much faster and rewarding process than I had previously. Obviously, the painterly coloring will need work as I don’t exactly know what colors to use and how, but hey, that just comes with practice in the long run. No rush on that part! I’ll be working a bit on plants and scenery, now that I have a basic grasp of how to sketch and color. Brackgrounds is also in the list, but that’s the same kind of mindset as scenery really.

Now, I didn’t actually finish the little drawing I did, because it was mostly a proof of concept anyway.

Here’s what I did.