I don’t actually have anything to post for yesterday or today. I took some time into making the website function just a little better, and to plan out what I’m doing next. I will honestly start working on scenery next, but I will also start trying out this new schedule idea I have. Allow me to explain it all.

Here’s what I had in mind.

  1. Every month or every other weak – One Fusion character. Complete with painterly coloring, background and speedpaint video. The reason why I won’t do this every week like I had done before, is that it actually takes me a while to design a character that has enough of the traits from both sides to be recognizable but to also be original on its own. I know it seems a little lame that I can’t make it up faster, but I also don’t want to just put X character in Y’s clothing as that feels like cheating, and not really a fusion at all. Perhaps I just need to think about it in a different way, but for now I’m going to lengthen the time on it.
  2. Everyday / M W F – One character drawing with clean enough lines. Now that I have the magic brush that I love to mention and remind everyone, I cant actually do more random character drawings in a quick enough time. The reason why I say “Monday Wednesday Friday” as the set days, is because I’m also trying to see how that can fit in with all the other projects I’d like to line up. It could be I end up with a drawing everyday, but we’ll see.
  3. Every week – One scenery drawing. This one is a bit of a wild card for me honestly. Since I still haven’t actually done anything in this section, I can’t say exactly how or what the quality will be. Is it line art? Painterly? A mix? Who knows?
  4. Every week – Something for Patreon. Yup. I’d like to get my Patreon account going again. This will include things like a post with a HQ painterly PNG picture, along with a PSD file attachment of whatever I worked on for that week. I might even throw in a complete line art PNG for other people to color, or something.

So yeah, there’s a lot on my plate at the moment, and I’m not entirely sure how it’ll all mix together. Starting on Monday, I’ll be going into this new plan slowly, beginning with a character drawing every M F W, while also doing the rest of my Bootcamp stuff. Some of the next few posts will be from my notebook, as I’ll actually be trying to draw stuff outside. Trees, leaves, clouds, etc.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out these much older works I’ve done!