I attempted to go to a park today and try some notebook, scenery drawing. I only got a drawing and half done, as people kept asking what I was drawing. Seemed pretty obvious to me, but I guess people like small talk. I personally try not to bother people who where headphones and are focused on whatever it is they are doing, but I guess that’s just me. I’ll be making more trips to parks for more scenic drawing. I might try more specific things too, like a single building or tree. As far as what I got done, I didn’t try to get things to look perfect. I mostly just tried to get the placements correct. You might wonder why one of the drawings is only half done. Well, two reasons really. One, it’s literally nothing but sticks in those open areas, and two, I was getting a little tired of people wanting to see what I was doing. I know, how anti-social I am.

I also did this dancing girl, because I needed a character drawing of some sort for today. I had no idea what character to do so it kinda came from nowhere. I was just messing around with the coloring as well, nothing really planned. I really have to work on mouths.


Here’s a shot of what it actually looks like for one drawing.