I didn’t get much done today. I pretty much just doodled.

I’m struggling with what exactly I’d like to do and what direction to go with my art. But, then again im still doing this Bootcamp thing, so I guess I’m putting that to the side. I’ll being going through Bootcamp until the end of the month on the 28th. I feel like I should do something special, as a sort of graduation thing I suppose, heh.

One problem I’ve often run into with my art is trying to keep a schedule of sorts. It always just falls apart for various reason, and not because I’m too lazy to do it. Another problem is impatience. Usually in regards to working on a drawing or when I think about my own skill level to other various artists, I get impatient, and I want it done NOW. It sounds extreme when I write it out, but it’s a little more mild in my head. A little bit. Honestly, my saving grace emotion is the one that says “chill out man.” There is no rush, and things will take time, whether it’s a drawing, skill, support, friends or whatever. Now, I’m not saying “good things happen to those who wait” exactly, but really, you need to just chill.” So I guess today was mostly just a battle of mindgames, with myself. I blame the coming end of Bootcamp.

And here’s my doodles for today.

I might actually go back and finish some of these.