I had a really good drawing day today. I got a lot of drawing done, and I’m very happy with the outcome of most of it. However, I won’t be sharing some of it today, as I’d like to finish them first. One of the drawings is a special fanart of an artist I follow, and the other is the Luvex painterly coloring. I can share what I was trying to figure out before tho.

The problem I was having with the Luvex drawing is her head. I wasn’t sure what her head actually looked like if I were to finalize the line art. I had a quick mockup of what she would look like generally, but before I was mostl’y focused on what the coloring would look like, not how “correct” her head was.

I had to go through a few iterations for her mouth, but I feel like I ended up with a pretty damn good line work for head. All that practice yesterday paid off. Now to color it!