Trying out the auto-poster thing on the website! If the wording in this post is a bit odd, that’s because I’m also trying out updating the post as the day goes by.

Oddly enough, I have an easier time drawing full body characters, rather than just a portrait shot of a character’s face.

I can draw a sketch of a portrait or full body shot of a character in roughly an hour, coloring included. I think I might actually start things off at $10 for either type of sketch drawing, color type is optional, such as blue, red, yellow, etc.. Although, I have to be careful as colors look drastically different on the iPad screen versus my computer screens. Even between the two screens I use look really different color-wise!

Next week I’ll show examples of inked artwork. I might just cheat a bit and go off of the sketches I’ve shown today. I’ve got a new awesome brush to work with now, it’s not nearly as pixelated as the previous one, and also is so much easier to use for reference layering. When I say reference layering, I talking about a particular tool you can use in Procreate. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a pretty nifty tool, it let’s you interact with a layer without actually touching it, it’s hard to explain so I’ll just use pictures.

I actually got a little side-tracked on the Zarya portrait in two ways. One, I used a really thick brush and used really thick lines. It still came out alright, but still, it’s a bit different from the other sketches. The other way I was side-tracked was that the cleaner looking portrait with pink hair is not actually inked. Honestly not sure why I chose to draw it like that. Now I just need to figure out a way to present the sketches for commissioning info. I will also work on figuring out a better way to make featured images.