I have come to the decision to make a webcomic. How far it will go, and how many other stories will be made, I have no idea right now. I cannot see that far into the future after all. What is clear to me however is that I currently do not actually know what to do next. Since the start of April, it has become a struggle to come up with characters to draw, and not everyone will actually care to the point of asking me to draw something for them. I’m simply “not good enough” for that kind of thing, and I need to actually work on something people may be interested in. So, what is it that people are interested in? Well, people like a story, or something new, or something they know will be waiting for them when they open a page or something along those lines. I’m no economist or some magical stock-market wizard to know exactly what people want to consume for themselves, but I do know people like to read comics. They are simple, easy to read, and usually get the point across quickly.

There are many comics on the web for free viewing and many people enjoy reading them. I have actually tried in the past to make a comic or two, but I didn’t have the basic understanding of how to even draw a character in an appealing way. Well, I have that knowledge now, or so I’d like to think. Doing a comic also let’s me work on other things, like making a concise effort to draw a character in a specific way or drawing them in scenery, which is something I’ve been neglecting for a long time now.

It has been my goal for a long time to make a living off of my artwork in some form, be it character commissions or stories or whatever. I never actually knew what I specifically what wanted to do within artwork itself however. You might say “well, who’s an artist you admire, see what they do.” well, I could give you a long list of artists I follow at that point, but they all do completely different types of work. Some do character commissions, some do paintings, some do designs, some work in studios of certain types, I can’t just pick one and say “this is it.” But, I do know I want something. It feels rewarding to create and have people enjoy it.

So, with that in mind, I plan to organize my thoughts and come up with some sort of “script” for this story I have. Not sure how long the story will run, or when I’ll be posting pages, or what the story might turn out like, or this and that and that and this.

I also plan to stream again. Streaming helps me focus on the task at hand, rather than get distracted and go onto Reddit or something. At the moment I can’t actually stream anything comic related, as I’m still trying to “build the background” so to speak, but I’ll still draw characters and such. For this week I’ll be making even more sketch examples, and doing some line art. Not terribly to do line art, but that’s how it goes sometimes. You can follow my stream at twitch.tv/blokfort though I’m not sure when exactly I’ll start again, heh. Ideally, I’d be streaming at 1pm CST to 8pm CST

I’m also going to try posting on Tumblr and Twitter (at blokfort.tumblr.com and twitter.com/blokfort ) with two posts. One auto post that WordPress does with a brief excerpt summary of that day, and another post with all the artwork that’s was shown. That way if you just want to see the artwork, that will be an option.

(I just barely finished the re-inking of the leprechaun mage girl in time, WHEW)