Mostly been working on the “Commissions Info” page which will be uploaded in about a minute. You should go check that out!

I’ve finally hit a good foundation with my artwork. I actually feel pretty happy with how things look and feel. Coloring is still an issue, and some of the line art could be improved in certain spots, but overall I give myself a 7/10 rating. going from ‘sketchy’ sketch, to a cleaner sketch, to line art, to flat color is a pretty easy process for me to do now. All I have to do now is find things to draw! It’s just that easy! Right?

Comic Update: I’m still working on putting bits and pieces together, but I decided to NOT make a script, because I have no idea how to do that. I’m just going to jump right into making thumbnails and comic pages and try to make the story elements react in logical ways. I have a wonderful world set up, I just need characters and such to torture and harm… I mean, to write about, heh.