I have a few pages worth of thumbnails now for the comic, which I am Calling “Old as Ice.” I didn’t actually realize it had some play on words until a little while after, but originally it was to emphasize  certain plot points in the story that I have so far. Ideally I’d be updating the comic every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (at 12:00 am EST), but first I need to plan out how each page will look like and how the story will flow. I’m not quite sure how I’d like overall story to look like form a book standpoint, will it have chapters, will it have volumes, I have no idea right now and it’s not really my concern a the moment.  Although, for a first “goal” I’d like to get at least 20 pages or so completed before I release them to the world. If I were to write the entire story out in one paragraph or less, then it would sound like this

“A middle-aged leader of a group of archeologists travel an icy globe in search of a lost rune civilization. As time goes by with bits and pieces of relics discovered, and with certain rival factions arising, conflicts will appear and settle for various reasons. Since the nature of the story is search and discovery (or destroy), non-materialistic valuables such as information can decide everything”

I’ve never written a story before so writing this out for myself has actually helped immensely for trying to figure out what happens next. Course, there’s still a lot of “well, let’s just make them do this.” just to move the story along, but hey it works. Right?

Artwise, I’ve started watching these videos from a guy named Kienan Lafferty on youtube with some really nice in-depth analysis for what he does when he is “arting.” So far he’s got more than 300 videos all covering different specific things like, how to fiddle with line widths, or why you shouldn’t draw like this, or avoiding tangents, or figureing out colors from using the background, and so on. I have tried looking up “hau 2 cuhler” videos before, but most of the time they have just been bland, not specific, too specific (in terms of using tools), or just bad. It probably doesn’t help that most of those people are using photoshop, whereas I’m using ProCreate on the iPad.

So finding this goldmine of art information is prity gud.

And here’s this weekends gallery. I tried redrawing Regillix Marrowdawn (a previous character someone request me draw before) with the new inking brush and I was once again confirming to myself that I had a wonderful inking brush. “It just works” is really the best way I can put it.

Now I just HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO COLOR GOD DAMN IT. I’m just really not sure how to tackle this! At the moment, I just throw in the colors that match the outfit. That doesn’t really get me anywhere though.

I’m also redoing Lulu, after getting some feedback from other people.

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