Not much to say, other than coloring woes.

After getting some feedback on the Lulu drawing, I went back and redrew pretty much the whole thing. I haven’t worked on anymore comic tumbnails since I actually had a project that a few people were looking forward to seeing completed.though, I’ve hit that point again where I feel like inking the piece is a tremendous waste of time, as it feels like I don’t actually learn anything from doing that. I think I  want to be able to just jump right into coloring, but every time I try, the colors always seem like the wrong choice. Maybe the material I’m working with is just too difficult for me right now? Should I try grey-scale first? Maybe I need to take a class or two for this stuff, heh.

Still watching those Kienan Lafferty videos though.

I’ll try uploading artwork as I clear certain “milestones” on it to twitter, tumblr, etc., as a way to get used to posting things regularly too. Except Facebook. Facebook is a nightmare for pictures.