Trying to get more into coloring by playing around with values and grey-scales. Trying to learn colors reminds me of how I felt when I first seriously got into art stuff. It’s not a fun feeling. The feeling of “I know how I want this to look, but I have no idea how to do that.” It’s a kind of depressing and dark feeling, and partly frustrating as well. Do one thing and think it’s ok so far, do another thing and lose your mind because nothing works. Might have to watch some Bob Ross videos, haha.

I’ve also come up with some pretty neat ideas for the Old as Ice comic as well. It pretty much means I have to redraw the thumbnail comic pages I have now, but that’s OK. It’s all just part of the process.

I’ve also come up with a decent “work plan” so that I can actually get things done. Monday through Saturday I’ll be streaming on Some parts of it won’t come into play until a bit later, but IDEALLY, it’ll be like this:

Mondays: Character Day. I’ll be drawing on stream Characters / Fusion Characters / Personal Projects / Commissions. Off stream I’ll be planning for fusion characters. (yes, I’ll be doing fusion characters again.)

Tuesdays: Comic Drawing Day. Using a thumbnail page as reference, I’ll draw / ink/ color a page of a comic I’m working on at the time. Off stream I’ll be planning on the story for the comic (or comics). If I have completed the comic page, I’ll be posting it at 12:00am CST on the website. (10:00pm PST, 1:00am EST)

Wednesdays: Character Day.

Thursdays: Comic Day.

Fridays: Character day. I actually have this thought that I’d start a fusion drawing on this day once I had a satisfactory amount of detail all set, but I’m not quite sure how practical that is.

Saturdays: Comic Day.

Sundays: Break day! Unless I have something I really need to get done, I will allow myself 1 day of sanity.

Seems kind of crazy, but that’s the amount I work I need to do right now.

I also had this though of doing a side comic, featuring 3 characters. I call them Patience, Impatience, and Organize. I’d explain it, but there’s already quite a lot of text in this post.

The “?” was just kinda pretty. That’s all.