I’m starting to think I need to do another “bootcamp” thing for coloring. The first bootcamp was mostly getting used to Procreate, and drawing in general. Drawing figures and shapes is a lot easier thanks to that. Color might be the same kind of thing. I’ve been mostly drawing more figures and practicing with expressions only because it’s something I know I can work on easily, and show it to people without feeling too guilty about it. But being able to pick the right colors for the right thing is not something I have any real experience in. Sure I might have done some possibly interesting things in the past, but i was just kind of “winging it”. I want to be able to put in real thought to it, KNOW what I’m doing with the color, the same way I know how to draw the shapes. The problem with doing another bootcamp thing though, is that I don’t actually get a lot of things finished. Mostly just little scribbles here and there that look horrible.

We’ll see. I hope I don’t do that, to be honest.

I did manage to create the look and feel of the main character pretty much perfectly (yeah maybe not perfect, but you know what I mean) of the story / comic I’m working on. I’ll be using Luvex, the fusion character I did a while back as the character. I felt like the personality I had given her, and her unique weapon were a pretty good fit to the story. And shame on me, I never reposted the work I did on the newer Lulu piece. I tried various coloring methods, but in the end I just didn’t really want to deal with it anymore and wanted to move on. Sad, I know. I do promise to come back and try to color her a bit better in the future.

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