And so starts the month of May, where it’s most likely going to be rain 24/7.

During this month, I hope to finalize more of  the “Old as Ice” comic, but over the weekend I had a bunch of really good ideas that I wanted to put into the story. The only problem is, I don’t actually know how to organize all these ideas. I have them written down, but I feel like I’m suddenly working with a lot of variables. We’ll see. I wish I could show what I have done for the comic already, but people would rather just see the final product, and I don’t want to spoil anything either. What I can say though, is that I’m trying to hurt my characters more. I have a very basic understanding of what my characters want, but I don’t have too much in the ways of hindering their progress, or something like that. I wonder though, this comic project was originally supposed to be just an art thing, not so much a story thing. What changed?

I’ve also sarted redoing the old Ashe drawing I did last year. There’s a lot of things I’m “updating” to it, such as a more interesting pose, better background, better lines, better proportions, more flow, but probably not better colors, heh. Already with just the sketching phase, it feels like it’s a much better drawing. I’m actually not quite sure how I’ll approach the making of the background, as it’s not just 100% ice crystals, but whatever. We’ll see.

I’ve also started streaming in earnest. I mean, I might as well, not like anyone watches me anyways, hahaha.