Honestly, I’ve actually been struggling with what I should be focusing on for the past week or so. On the one hand I want to focus on the comic, on the other hand I want to get better at coloring. The entire point of doing a comic was so that I could get better at doing art stuff in general. “Make a character do this specific thing” and also to explore certain designing aspects and ideas, were the real main goals of making it. But, it seems like everytime I return to the thumbnails that I have, I slightly edit or change the ones I have, or insert pages inbetween others. Everytime I do, I feel like the flow and overall feel of the comic gets that much better. Like I said before, originally the comic was just for art stuff, but now I’m actually caring about the structure and story of the comic too. If I were to put it in simple terms, I actually want this to be a good comic. Not quite sure what that means though. I’m not sure what a finished page will look like. Is it just inked, is it with flat colors or with a bit of cel-shading, or is it fully rendered color? I really have no idea.

Pretty much up until now, I’ve been the decider as to what I feel I should work on next. It’s been pretty hard to do, since I don’t get that ‘other person perspective’ almost ever.

*Thinking as I write this up* I think I might change it up a bit, as far as “style” goes. I think for the first few pages I’ll have as JUST inked, then I’ll try flats / cel-shading.  I don’t think I’ll try full rendered coloring just yet, that’s some real advanced stuff. Ideally I’d update a page every M W F too (I feel like I’ve said that before, hmm).

Well, enough about the comics, I’m going to be putting the Ashe drawing to the side for a bit, as I just do not know what I’m doing with it. It just feels like there’s so many variables to work with in that, and the fact that the character is inked and flatted, but the background is not. Yeah, I just don’t know what direction I’m trying for it anymore. So, instead of Ashe, I’ll be trying out Tristana! A little yordle girl from League of Legends. this one has more of a focus on the character, versus the action of the background. It’s very messy at the moment, but I hope as I go further in the drawing it will be cleaner. I kept changing how I was sketching her, which is why some bits might seem a little off, or pixelated, or whatever. Hard to explain. I’m drawing this piece side-by-side this video (kind of). Seriously, this guy is great.

I’m going to throw in all the Ashe pics, and the current Tristana pics. just because. Also a quickie-fun Luvex drawing. I might as well draw her a lot, she’s the main character of the comic after all.

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