More time spent on thumbnailing, coloring, etc etc etc.

Found a new brush to work with while drawing the Sleeping Tristana piece though. it’s really easy to work with, and I might use it more often in the future. I like the kind of grainy feel it has. I know I’ll come back to this piece in the future, because although I’m pretty happy with it, I’m not completely happy with it. I know, contradictory, but whatever.

As of writing this, I’m at 28 pages of comic thumbnailed, with general bits of dialog in place as well. I’d still like to get to this “break point” I have in mind before inking all the pages though. I also still have to figure out exactly HOW I’m going to ink them too. Right now I’m sort of flip-flopping between just black and white or throwing in flat colors along with the inked lines. The reason why I’m doing this kind of lengthy production process is because I’d actually like to keep this sort of thing going, whether it be working on this one comic, or working on different ones in the future. Since I know next to nothing about comic making, there’s obviously going to be some growing pains.

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