I’ve finished the cover page of my comic, “Old as Ice,” or at least, I’ve hit a point of “alright, I don’t want to ruin it, so let’s stop here.” Though, as I was working on it, I started thinking if it would be better to call it “As Old as Ice,” but using ‘as’ twice felt a little weird to me, as well as making the title into an incomplete sentence. Finishing the page didn’t actually take all that long, but then again there aren’t that many details in the page intself, vs a regular comic page. Based off of this page though, I think I will try to, at the very least, give my pages some flat colors and basic lighting. I THINK. Not sure yet, since I haven’t actually *finished* a comic page. I’ll share the page here, but for regular posting as such, I’ll be posting comic pages in the “comics” tab up there at the top of the page.

Now I just need to “do the comic.” Think about the story along with plot items and characters, plan for more pages through thumbnailing, finish the thumbnailed pages with ink and colors, and finally post finished pages here on the website.

Made a new category for comics too.

Edit/P.S.: I know I said I might ruin it if I go any furthur, but I might actually go back and change a few things, like the look of the title.