Well, it’s been a while, but I’m still around. I haven’t been posting here because I didn’t really have anything that I could post. It’s been a lot of planning, sketching, and writing.

Though recently, the past week or two has actually been finalizing. I mentioned before in a previous post (I think?) that I had a batch of thumbnailed comic pages put together. These past weeks have been used to try and finalize them, and “to better understand the process of finishing the art” basically. I have learned quite a lot from the few pages I’ve finished, and I am already in the process of changing things.

But, of course, no one knows what it is I’ve done yet. I wanted to start a webcomic and update it the same way other webcomics do, however, I’ve never actually done a webcomic before, let alone any kind of comic ever. I wasn’t sure “how to do things” really. Instead of saying “ok, I want to have a page ready for Monday” and the fretting over literally every aspect of what I was doing, like “how does the line art look, how does the story feel and flow, how does the PAGE feel and flow, how is the dialog, etc. etc. etc.” I have a pretty good understanding of what I can do now, and have a decent enough of a cushion to fall back on.

After all the work I’ve done now, I can safely say now, that I will be updating this comic, “Old as Ice,” every Tuesday and Friday. Having two comic updates everyweek gives me time to work on other projects as I get more used to this webcomic stuff. I’m still working on where / how I’ll update it.

There won’t be a “Month of June Mega Post” by the way. The reason should be obvious.

I’d really like to work on fanart and personal stuff and to try and take comissions from people. I also want a big chocolate cake.