It’s Friday, July 7th which means it’s time to start posting comic pages for public viewing, hooraaaay.

Here’s some places where you can see it!

Patreon (Just backers):



And of course here at this website.

Posting times will be Tuesdays and Fridays, at 12:00 AM.

Old as Ice, in short, is about our main character who wants to explore a frigid winter world with a few companions to find old civilizations’ relics and artifacts, and to record and learn the history behind them. Honestly, I originally started this comic just as a “well, let’s do a comic so I can get better at art” kind of thing. The first few pages were honestly a little rushed, but as I spent more time on them, they got better. Art style will change slowly between pages too, as I experiment with the process of making and coloring a page.