So with Inktober coming up, I’d love to take part of it.

Basically, Inktober lasts the entire month of October, asking artists to draw once a day, a drawing of a character, or scenery, or whatever in ink, on paper. I’ve never done it in the past, and I feel like it would be a fun opportunity to try it out this time.

However, because of this and some IRL issues, I’ll have to cut the comic updates back to just 1 day a week for a bit. I’m not sure when I can get back to twice a week updates, but It’s something I’d love to get back to, and I’m sure you the reader would appreciate that as well. The post that would have been tomorrow will actually be on Tuesday now. Sorry to make you wait!

I’ll be posting my ink drawings on my main wordpress website as[b] [u][/u][/b].
You can also look them up on other social media sites, like:
Tumblr: Tumblr) (Comic Tumblr)