With Inktober over, I now have more projects that I need to create and move onto. It was a fantastic experience finding out just how I would cope with trying to make a new drawing and concept finalized in ink everyday. At first it was a bit rocky when it came time to ink the pencil sketches. I actually got a bit nervous for the first few days because messing up the inking phase meant I’d have to figure out a way to either fix it or just start over. After a while I didn’t even think of it, it just turned into a process in order to get the piece completed. First I’d use some scrap paper and get a concept going, then I’d pencil in a sketch into the notebook then finally ink it and sometimes color it in with markers. I got comfortable with using the medium, and I can see it making an effect even in the digital artwork.

Speaking of digital artwork, I plan to completely change how I draw and finish the art for Old as Ice. I’m pretty happy with the page format, size-wise and frame-wise, but as usual coloring is my enemy. For the next chapter, I plan to use really simple coloring and use a cleaner style of lineart, maybe. It’s all up in the air really. It probably doesn’t help that the past many pages have been at night with moonlight as the light source with no real background (something I will fix for later comic pages).

I’m going to put up a new page for commissions info soon as well, and all requests made will be for digital art only as I don’t really know how traditional work will make it to the request-ee. As far as what I could offer for commission work, I’m honestly not too sure! I’d love to do any fanart or fusion drawings again, but fusion drawings require a lot of thinking and planning for me to be happy with the character. I’d also love to have more content just so I can bury some of the older pieces, because really, some of it is just scary for me to look at.  I also need to work on coloring and backgrounds in general, but you know that’s… an ongoing battle. Heh.

So yeah, check these things out yo. Please bear with the fact that most of those pictures are very very old.