With pages 34 and 35 of “Chapter 1” coming up, I am now going to announce that I will be putting Old as Ice on hold. There’s basically two main reasons for this; one being real life is all kinds of chaotic at the moment, and two I don’t actually know what I want to have happen next as far as the story goes. I’m also not all that happy personally with how each comic page looks or reads. Things like what font to use, what size word-balloon / style to use, how characters are drawn, what “style” they are in, how to even color them. Also how wordy they are (too much reading, not enough happening).

It’s actually kind of funny to even say that I’m not coloring it correctly and wish to explain what I’m doing with it, because the initial goal of the comic was to just be an ongoing project to fiddle around with drawing in general. But, as I wrote down more and more ideas and notes for the comic to do, I actually would like to make it a story that is at least a little decent to read. I want to make characters that I personally really like that also have some backbone to them, as well as make the world around them somewhere I really love.

With that said, I’ll be working on the story aspect, and of course continue working on my artwork on the side while real life gets sorted out. As I’m working on “Chapter 2,” the style might change drastically from page to page as I try out new and different things. I’ll also try making things like character sheets and wallpapers with various backgrounds and whatnot, as another way of making content.

The only reason why I’m so focused on keeping Old as Ice a thing is because I really do want to make it “my thing,” if that makes sense. And as ever, I’m trying to make a commissions info sheet that tells people exactly what I can do for them as for as what kind of “art thing” they want / I can do for them.

So, TL;DR : Old as Ice comic on hiatus while I figure out what happens in the story. Next chapter will have big changes in comic style. Still working on artwork stuff. Open commissions will be soon(TM). I’ll be aiming for something like January / February to start-up the comic again, back to the 1-page-week updates. Hopefully I can move up to 2-page-week again.