I go by “Blokfort” online.

It’s only been until recently that I’ve taken art in a serious manner. While growing up, I’ve done some art things here and there. The things I drew were mostly just simple sketches or out of proportion figures and shapes. I wanted to try “getting better at art” at around high school. I still had roughly the same results, but I actually cared about it more. I had a different mindset and because of that every drawing felt less than adequate and I perceived them as “wrong” in some way. “This drawing isn’t quite right and it’s making me super frustrated because I don’t know how to fix it.” was the usual thought. I used to equate drawing to bashing my head against a wall, and sometimes desk. Mostly desk.

Even more recently however, something changed, something “clicked”. I actually started to like my own drawings. I started to see them as more of a point in time. My mind set changed to “well, there was this part I liked, this part didn’t work so well, and this part could probably be different, but overall I like it.” I’ve reached the point in my artwork where I feel like every piece tells me something. Because of that, I felt ready for the next project every time I finished something.

I’d like to work on commissions for pretty much anyone that asks (as long as the request is reasonable of course, hehe.)

I try to keep various social media sites updated with my most recent works for not only Old as Ice, but side projects as well, so be sure to follow!

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If you’d like to follow Old as Ice elsewhere, I update these two places as well!

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And don’t forget, I am Blokfort.