I’ll be doing “End of the Month” posts again, yeeeey!

It’s been a pretty great month for me getting back into art stuff. I have learned quite a lot from just a few weeks for things like more anatomy practice, line-art an even topics. What I mean by “topics” is mostly talking about the furry art. I actually had the thought of doing furry art for a while, but hadn’t really tried it out. Anthropomorphs, or simply anthros for short, are way more interesting to draw than a typical human is, at least in the style that I’m currently drawing in. They have a very wide range of anatomy quirks, colors and details that make them all unique even to each other whereas a human’s anatomy is honestly fairly boring to me. Oh, I also moved from Chicago back to Seattle.

Now sadly, I haven’t done a lot of work for Old as Ice. I’ve started a simple line-by-line very rough story-telling method of the script, which I will then transform to comic pages. I’d say I have about 10 comic pages worth of text that I can use, but I’d rather get the story further solidified and further along before finalizing anything. I’d rather create many areas and plot elements and have my characters reach / explore / talk about / etc, about all of them. So along with art commissions and requests, I’ll be working on the shoddy script for Old as Ice on the side. I’m not sure when I can start creating comic pages again, but I won’t give myself a deadline like I keep trying and failing to do. It gets done when it gets done after all. I think I’ll also stick to a basic black-and-white format for the comic, when I do get back to it.

As I’ve said before, at the start of April (and part of the end of March) art has been pretty amazing to work with again. What’s super nice about it is that I feel like I’ve finally reached a point where I can ask for someone’s opinions and thoughts about a piece I’ve done, and they won’t just say “work on your fundamentals.” Although, I feel like I still need to work on my proportions and anatomy a bit. One thing that will help me with that is the furry art, and there are many people online who are very interested in that sort of thing. Which means I’ll be doing a lot of “not safe for work” art as well. I’ve actually started up a page for that and you can go check it out here: http://blokfort.com/nsfw/. I however won’t be making a side-button for it, as that’s not something I’d like to show right off the bat when people view this website.

As far as the art itself goes, In my opinion:

  • Line-art is still pretty good.
  • Coloring had gotten better, but still not how I’d like it.
  • Content is being made, galleries are being filled!
  • Proportions are OK, but can always use some more work.
  • Working on having multiple characters in a single piece is difficult, especially when they interact with each other.
    • I’ll work on this aspect with daily sketches
      • Sketches are very very rough and I wish to have them a bit more cleaned up.

As always, I’d love to hear opinions about my work, good or bad. Honestly, I’d love to hear the bad more than the good.

I’ll be setting up a page so that such a thing is possible. I’ll add another button on the right side for “Feedback + Q and A” so that you can leave your thoughts and questions. I’ll do a neat thing where I’ll make a mega post of all the questions I get and answer them all at once. Of course, that only works if I actually get questions though, haha.

For now, use this link: http://blokfort.com/feedback-q-and-a/

Button’s up, Cheggitout.