(Image is just a quick doodle on a stickienote since I didn’t have anything else.)

This has been a strange, but good month overall for my art progression. Although, there’s no need for any fancy wording for most of it so I’m just going to list the major points.

  • I updated my commission info.
  • Quite a lot of character reference shots done.
  • Overall art has improved, a bit.
  • I need to learn to not rush things.
  • A few more notes and thoughts put into Old as Ice.
  • I’ve started streaming again, it’s been amazing for focus.
  • Biggest point here: I need to relearn a few things in art.

I’ve never really gotten the hang of drawing people yet, so when I was asked to draw a complete human face for the first time in a loooong time, it didn’t actually come out very well. Because of these faults in drawing, I’ve already extended streaming time a bit so that I can work more on those flaws through egregious amounts of sketching, and reference learning. Hopefully learning these things won’t as bad as the first time I attempted to.