This particular update isn’t going to be worded very well, and my thoughts are going to be all over the place, but oh well, here we go.

It’s getting harder to effectively type up a post about what I’ve done art-wise for the month, as it’s usually the same kind of thing over and over. “Try thing, fail thing, learn thing, try again, oh hey it looks better now.”

If I were to compare myself my ‘now’ vs. ‘the me a few months ago’ the differences would be hilariously drastic. What’s funny though is that I say “now THIS is my best art piece!” pretty much every month / new piece I do, but it’s honestly how i feel. Every piece of art I complete brings me one huge leap forward, if I were to explain it in the lamest and corniest way possible.

If I had to pin down a few problems to tackle for art now, it would have to be “distractions.” I find myself getting distracted very easily.I believe a solution to this problem is trying to stream again. Before, I was setup to stream on, but because of the NSFW work, I’ll have to move over to Picarto as a streaming service matches what I’m doing more anyway, so it’s not like it was a hard thing to change to.

Here’s the link to the art stream channel:

I have two thoughts left for this update: Comic making / website hosting, and art pricing.

Full-body Commissions Pricing

Since it’s a pretty new topic for me, art pricing is something I’m currently struggling with. At the moment of typing up this post, these are the current prices I have set. I’m going to make some changes to the graph by including more “types” of art I can do, and also change the pricing for some of them. That’s all there is to say about that really.

Finally, the website and comic making. I’ve had the ability for a while now to make and show comic pages on the website, but haven’t done so. I believe I have mentioned it a few times already, but lately I’ve been focusing 100% on gaining overall experience in art. I’m creating content, I’m learning how brushes, filters, layers, masks, coloring, etc. etc. etc. all work, rather that making myself write a story that might not be great, along with having not-so-great art. In the past with Old as Ice, the idea was to do all of that, but after a while I thought that the story itself started to drag my progress down, so I decided to instead focus on just the artwork. So, I still plan on doing a comic in the future, but I’m honestly not sure when that will be. Because of not knowing when I’ll actually get Old as Ice back up, I actually feel a little funny with what I’m using the website for. The website was built to host my artwork and comics, but like I said earlier, I’ve only been working on artwork rather than comic making. The “front page” was recently updated to something not 3 months old because someone poked me about it, but I honestly didn’t know what I could post there instead. Most of the work I’ve been doing has been NSFW, or at the very least anything ‘recent’ that I’ve done that I feel is “at my best” isn’t something I can slap on the face of the website, and also not comic related. It all makes me feel even stranger when I’ve basically promised myself to 2 months worth of work of various character drawings. I genuinely want to do them though, as each one’s subject seems like a lot of fun and a worth while experience, but again, they don’t really relate to the website at all. OH WELL I GUESS!

I’m going to post my updates in the comic area until It’s actually a comic, then move them back down to the actual “Post” area.


(And I’m sharing the NSFW gallery just one more time….


  • Check out the galleries
  • Comic posting not in sight
  • Streaming to fight being distracted:
  • Commission prices soon to be updated.